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Hot-dip galvanizing offers steel extremely effective protection against corrosion and rust formation, in fact, through a metallurgical reaction, a layer of intermetallic Ferro-Zinc alloy is created which is impact-resistant and perfectly continuous, which prevents the contact of the products with the atmosphere.

In particular, thanks to the hot-dip galvanizing process, which consists of immersing the steel product in a bath of molten zinc at around 450 ° C, a double protection is obtained: physical and electrochemical; the first is due to the presence of zinc between the steel surface and the atmosphere, the second is due to the difference in potential between the two metals, zinc is sacrificed, which corrodes, safeguarding the steel.

The dimensions of the Macofer galvanizing tank are: length 12.80 m – width 1.50 m – depth 2.25 m.


Can the galvanized material be painted?
“All the galvanized material can be painted using specific paints for application on galvanizing, however to obtain excellent results, the surface of the product must be pre-treated with degreasing chemicals or with light sandblasting”.

What is the fire resistance of galvanized steel?
“Galvanizing does not affect the fire resistance of steel, the REI classification of steel does not change after the hot galvanizing process”.

Is it possible to avoid the galvanizing of details present on the item to be galvanized?
“To prevent galvanizing of threads or portions of the surface, galvanizing paint can be used”.