Macofer, thanks to its proven experience, state-of-the-art equipment and skilled labor, is able to perform hot galvanizing and centrifugal machining for small metal parts


Hot-dip galvanizing offers steel extremely effective protection against corrosion and rust formation, in fact, through a metallurgical reaction, a layer of intermetallic Ferro-Zinc alloy is created which is impact-resistant and perfectly continuous, which prevents the contact of the products with the atmosphere. The dimensions of the Macofer galvanizing tank are: length 12.80 m – width 1.50 m – depth 2.25 m.


Macofer has a centrifugal galvanizing system for small metal parts: plates, screws, nails, tie rods, nuts, washers, brackets, supports, clamps, chains, nuts and bolts, etc.